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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Testing new trading system.

Sudah sebulan ngetes system trading. Sejauh ini hasilnya lumayan. Baik demo maupun real. :D

Thursday, February 25, 2010

What is Foreign Exchange?

Foreign exchange consists of trading one type of currency for another. Unlike other financial markets, the FX market has no physical location and no central exchange. It operates “over the counter” through a global network of banks, corporations and individuals trading one currency for another. The FX market is the world’s largest financial market, operating 24 hours a day with enormous amounts of money traded on a daily basis.
Unlike any other financial market, investors can respond to currency fluctuations caused by economic, political and social events at the time they occur, without having to wait for exchanges to open. Access to modern news services, charting services, 24- hour dealing desks and sophisticated online electronic trading platforms has seen speculation in the FX market explode, particularly for the individual trader.
The currency markets are not new. They’ve been around for as long as banks have been doing business. What is relatively new is the accessibility of these markets to the individual speculator, particularly the small- to medium-sized trader

Forex Trading Strategy

Forex is truly a competitive world. To succeed in this field to be armed with proven strategies Forex trading. While many Forex system says its program is everyone a millionaire overnight, it is best to learn and find a way that actually works.
Before entering the foreign exchange market, it is recommended that a list of tactics currency on the basis of facts established by research and spending. To attract external system that promises to make big profits quickly. It would be interesting to test this software, but only suffer from lack of interest.
Participation in the Forex market is a learning process. Mistakes are always a part of this world, but unless the right Forex trading strategies will be lost. No system can promise a completely smooth road, but gathering information rather than more likely to succeed in achieving a time. Although the software is designed to make Forex trading experience is pleasant, is still useless if applied properly. Therefore, the development of a Forex trading plan is a necessity. Here are some factors you may want to consider setting up its currency.
Forex market is a changing world, and it is also a fact that is never a perfect plan and long term. Forex methods should always be developed and changes are needed to adapt to continuous change.
Set your goals. Determine how much you’re willing to invest a buyer or seller. As was decided for business. Know your limits. To reduce a smart decision in any business. If you know what the world of the currency, also learn to stop. Assess situations, when you stop or continue trading.
In any business, patience is a virtue. Note that the Forex market is a long process. Work hard to succeed. Finally collect as much knowledge as possible. There are many sources of information such as forums, books and online sites that track. Note that the strategies of forex trading that apply to this market will determine the success or failure. Not everything you need to use too.